Fundamentals of Marketing Course Plan

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Basic Course Plan

Subject: Fundamentals of Marketing
Course No. : MGT 214
Course Nature : Core
Level: BBS 2nd Year
Lecture Hour: 150 hrs.
Instructor: Mr. Damodar Shrestha
Email: / Contact No. : 9843017397

Basic guidelines to be respected by students-

1) Be in the class on time.
2) Do not chew any gums while the session is on.
3) Do not read news paper, use laptop or engage yourself in any other reading or writing unless instructed. 4) Do not use cell phones when the session is in progress.
5) Being a student of Management, all students are instructed to be disciplined and behave in a mature manner. All your actions shall be molded towards being a responsible future manager, and rightly so, your manners should reflect yourself not just as a student but as a “Student Manager”.

Course Outline -
The objective of the course is to develop understanding of participants on basic principles of Marketing. This subject also seeks to capture the essence of modern development in Marketing & Sales management in various international and domestic markets. Course Objective –

To develop participants to deal with the challenges and management of competitive market and particularly utilizing marketing concepts and skills in today’s business environment. It also aims students to prepare them for concentration courses in marketing. Pre-requisites -

Before starting the course, student manager should be versed on basic concepts of Business Management & overview of Marketing Management. Candidates are also expected to have good command over English language. Course Content-

1) Introduction – LH 18
Meaning and definitions of Marketing
Business-oriented Marketing Concepts & Business Practices: Production concept, Product concept, Selling concept, Marketing concept, Social concept, Holistic concept Emerging concepts in Marketing – Direct marketing, Quality Marketing, E-marketing, Relationship...
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