Fundamentals of Hardware and software components

Topics: Operating system, Computer, Computer program Pages: 3 (489 words) Published: March 24, 2014

Course: IFTH 2007 Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and Software Lecturer: Donato Scarborough

Contact Information:
Office Location: Horsford Road Campus, Basseterre St. Kitts West Indies Email:

PROGRAMME:Information Technology
COURSE:IFTH 1007 Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and Software COURSE CODE:
PROGRAMME LEVEL: Associate Degree / Diploma

Prerequisite: None

Course Description - This course provides students with opportunities to learn about the components of the computer’s hardware. It allows them to learn about inner components of the computer system, their location and functions. It teaches students about advanced computing concepts, such as types and role of applications, programming languages, other computer-related systems.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course students should be able to: • Describe the essential components in a computer system. • Demonstrate how data is processed by a personal computer. • Differentiate between software application, utility and operating system. • Install and configure a variety of software and operating systems. • Install utility software and describe how it is used to manage the security of a computer system. • Describe the structure of different software and operating systems. • Describe the system unit components, registry, cmos and bios. • Explain the role of the central processing unit, monitor and keyboard and mouse in functions of the computer system.

• Initiate the process of booting.
• Explain the concept of ergonomics and state its role in the field of computer science. • Install device drivers.
• Set-up and restore a registry.
• Customize a start up menu.

Learning Experiences -Students will:

        1. Attend lectures
        2. Participate in lab exercises
        3. Read textbooks and other selected material         4....
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