Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts

Topics: Balance sheet, Financial statements, Income statement Pages: 54 (13816 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Eighth Edition

Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts
Thomas P. Edmonds
University of Alabama–Birmingham

Frances M. McNair
Mississippi State University

Philip R. Olds
Virginia Commonwealth University

Edward E. Milam
Mississippi State University (Contributing Author)

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This book is dedicated to our students, whose questions have so frequently caused us to reevaluate our method of presentation that they have, in fact, become major contributors to the development of this text.

“The conceptual approach to financial accounting is a great innovation. It gives students a “bird’s eye view” of the forest of accounting. By Chapter 3, the students are ready to journey into the trees of debits and credits and learn how transactions get reported on the financial statements.” STEVE MULLER, VALENCIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Why should you adopt this textbook? Because it does a better job of teaching traditional introductory accounting concepts. Indeed, we view ourselves as innovative traditionalists. We don’t aim to radically transform accounting education, but instead to make it more effective. Consider the following features that distinguish this book from its competitors.

We not only teach students how to journalize transactions but we also explain how the journal entries affect the financial statements. The text provides coverage of debits and credits, journal entries, T-accounts, and trial balances. Beyond these traditional topics, we employ a financial statements model to ensure that students learn how accounting events affect financial statements. The model arranges the balance sheet income statement and statement of cash flows horizontally across a single line of text as shown below: Assets 5 Liab. 1 Equity Rev. 2 Exp. 5 Net...
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