Fundamental Concept of Educational Planning

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LESSON 1: Fundamental Concepts of Educational Planning
1.Why is there a need for educational planning?
Educational Planning can be basis for evaluating/assessing performance of the educational system. It affects equity in the distribution and utilization of resources. Educational planning is an instrument for quality improvement. Through educational planning, a country can indicate the needed change, reform and innovation, and to maximize the use of limited resources. It brings about a well-balanced educational system and correlate education effort with national policy. It improves the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of educational services.

There is a need for educational planning it is the instrument for providing needed coordination and direction of the different components of an educational system. It also answer that widely accepted long term goals such as universal primary education are approach objectively. It provides a realistic appraisal of the country’s resources which is important factor in the successful implementation of the plan

2.As a planner/administrator, how do you understand the term “educational development”? Suggest other facets of educational development.
Educational development as a planner or administrators means expanding the facilities to match numbers with needs of the clientele; diversifying teaching – learning situations as well as their content to suit the varying demands of society; promoting lifelong learning through the provisions of education for all in-school and out-of-school youths and adults; and establishing an effective “challenge response” relationship between economic and social development, on one side and education on the other.

3.What do you think are necessary to bring about a feasible and workable educational development plan in your region/division/district/institution?
An educational development plan claims to be designed to meet the unique educational needs of the learner. In all...
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