Fundamental Analysis of Fmcg Sector

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Overview of Stock market and Fundamental Analysis on FMCG Sector A summer training report submitted for the Partial fulfillment of the Master of Business Economics [M.B.E.] Semester II Submitted by

[ Vaywala Divyesh M.]
Roll No [46] Submitted to





I declare that summer training report entitled Overview of Stock

market and Fundamental Analysis on FMCG Sector submitted for the partial fulfillment of the Semester II in Master of Business Economics [M.B.E.] is my original work and carried it out at Department of Economics, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University- Surat.

The project or any part of it has not been previously submitted for any degree.

Name of the Student along with signature

Vaywala Divyesh M. Date


Particulars Page No.

Chapter ± 1: Introducation of Training Objective of study Benefit of Study 01 02

Chapter ± 2: Industry Profile Stock Market Overview History of Indian Stock Market Trading Pattern of the Indian Stock Market 03 04 13

Chapter ± 3: Company Profile History of Company Milestone of company Jainam Organisation Hirearchy About department 17 21 22 23

Chapter ± 4: Theoretical Framework


Chapter ± 5: Research Methodology


Chapter ± 6: Data Analysis Ratio Analysis Conclusion and Suggestion Annexure

42 57 73 74


Chapter: 1

Introduction of Training


Introduction to Training.
This project report is prepared as result of summer training of M.B.E. (Full

time) which was of 4 weeks from 19th May 2010 to 16th June 2010. The researcher has taken training at JAINAM SHARES CONSULTANT PVT LTD which is simply related with stock market. Hence it is Stock broking firm which deals with different market like Equity, Commodity, and Derivatives etc.


Objective of Study:
 To gain knowledge about different market such as capital market and its industry which is helpful in completing this report effectively.  To gain the knowledge about stock market and it operation.  To become familiarize with organization, which help in applying theoretical concepts into practical routine.  To understand the working system of different department.  To get an experience of working environment.  To become part of professionalism.  To understand technical terms and its applications in study.  To understand of working of different departments and its connectivity with whole organization.  To gain the detailed knowledge of core functions like Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Research.  To know how the scripts are being traded in Equity market, Derivatives, Commodity market.


1.3 Benefit of Study:
The research has gained some of the following benefit due to this study.  Got the knowledge about stock market and its operations.  Learnt about different scrip.  Learnt about equity and derivatives and how the prices are being volatile.  The working of sensex and nifty its rules and regulation.  How to invest in different security and at what time investor should exit or enter in trading.  How the top management is handling whole organization structure.  Learnt some technical terms of stock market and its application in trading.  The detailed study fundamental analysis of pharmaceutical industry with top 10 companies as per market capital.


Chapter: 2
Stock Market Overview:-

Industry Profile

The main function of the stock market is to enable trade in the shares of public companies, which in turn reflect the performance of the companies whose shares are traded in the stock market. Here is providing you with a detailed Stock Market Overview. Stock markets are also a vital part of an economy or the economic system of a country. Today most economies around the world are judged by the performance of their stock markets. The stock markets serve a vital purpose in the growth and development of a company that...

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I also used Capitaline software for collacting data.
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