Functions of a Manager

Topics: Management, Project management, Strategic management Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: June 23, 2013
The most basic function that a manager is responsible for is to focus the people of the organization in performing work activities to accomplish desired goals. No matter the size of the organization, a manager is responsible for the planning and executing of the efforts of its team members in achieving the necessary objectives of its mission. There are four primary functions of managers known to many as POLC. These very important functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These four functions are common among all industries and all fields of management. These functions, commonly referred to as the management process, must be implemented to successfully achieve the mission of the organization. Planning is the primary base function in which all the other areas of management are built. It involves the formulation of future courses of action and recognizing the goals of the organization and the strategies to achieve these goals. Micro and macro factors that affect an organization constantly alter strategic planning. Therefore, planning is an ongoing continual process and an unending course of action. There are diverse types of plans made for different functions of an organization, although the planning involves the similar kind of thought process. Strategic planning, marketing planning, sales planning, project planning, business planning, and succession planning are all examples of the many diverse types of planning involved in management. These plans and objectives give the organization, subunits, and contributors, direction and purpose toward accomplishing their mission. During a crisis, sudden strategies may need to be implemented. Another important function of a manager is organizing. In order to follow the course of action established in the planning stage, it is essential that the management organize all of its resources. In addition to allocating human resources, the organizational responsibilities of a manager include identifying...
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