Functions of Public Relations

Topics: Public relations, Nike, Inc., Mass media Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: August 7, 2012
Functions of Public Relations
MKT 438
Michael Raasch

Functions of Public Relations
An organizations image and reputation are dependent on the publics’ opinion. The goal of public relations is to be the communicator between an organization and its public. Public relations is a, “planned process to influence public opinion, through sound character and proper performance, bases on mutually satisfactory two way communication” (Seitel, p. 4). The role of public relations serves as a communicator between organizations and its internal and external publics. The function of public relations can be categorized as organizational and societal in nature. Though organizational and societal functions differ in the communication tools, both functions of PR are necessary for success. An organization like Nike clearly understand the organizational and societal functions of PR. Nike is an organization that helps athletes around the world reach their potential abilities with their apparel, athletic footwear and equipment that is unrivaled in the world (Nike, 2012). Co founder Bill Bowerman’s mission is, “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” (Nike, 2012). This research paper will explain the organizational and societal functions, and how both functions are used in Nike. The organizational function of public relations deals with the mass media relations and “insiders” or internal audiences including employees, management, and shareholders. The goal is to attempt to influence the public about a product or service. Organizational functions involve keeping the publics and organizational shareholders abreast about the organization (Organizational and Societal Functions of PR, 2007). Two vital organizations functions are employee relations and investor relations. Seitel describes employee relations as the hot ticket in public relations (Seitel, 2007). Organizational function for Nike requires the coordinating media interviews with key personnel,...

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