Functions of Project Management

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Functions of Project Management (Brief)

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) consists of the nine management functions: Scope,
Human resource,
Project integration,

Managing Project Scope
Project scope means that the aims, goals, objectives and donor of the project should be defined.

Managing Project Cost
How much funds are required to complete the activites and tasks of a project? Where will these funds come from? How they would be disbursed. The project manager should make sure to report all the costs and expenditures to then high management and donor.

Managing Project Time
Time management refers to project planning, scheduling and controlling in  order to achieve the established goals objectives of the project. Time and cost management are two key critical areas in project management, which can play as success factor in a project.

Managing Human Resource
It refers to the administration and management of people involved in a project. You have to recruit highly qualified people and then proper motivation and compensation should be given to them.

Managing Communications
It refers to the establishment of a system by which the information should flow smoothly through all members of the project.

Managing the Quality
It is important to establish quality standards for the project and then necessary steps should be taken to ensure that the goals and objectives are achieved.

Managing Contract and Procurement
It includes selecting, negotiating and awarding orders and administrating procurement of material equipments.

Managing Risk
It refers to dealing with the degree of uncertainty of the project through knowledge of and experience with the conditions.

Managing Project Integration
It ensures that the various functions and activities going on in a project should be integrated toward the same goals and objectives. Project integration is very important...
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