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Functions of Management Paper
Carlos Mendoza

Functions of Management Paper Management is a strong title to have when running an operation that requires a lot of responsibilities from a certain group or individual. Every organization, regardless of size, has developed and implemented its own management concepts in order for it to run smoothly and accomplish the vision, goals and objectives that it set forth (Rane 2007). Management can be defined as human actions to assist the production of suitable outcomes from multiple resources or systems that can better the company. There are four basic functions of management that helps the organization run smoothly so that there is no miscommunication between management and employers.
Planning is the core area of all the functions of management. It is the foundation upon which the other three areas should be built by. Planning requires management to evaluate where the company is currently, and where it would like to be in the future. An appropriate course of action to attain the company's goals and objectives is determined and implemented. The planning process is ongoing and never stops for any reason. There are uncontrollable, external factors that constantly affect a company both positively and negatively. Depending on the circumstances, certain factors may cause a company to adjust its course of action in accomplishing its goals. It is important that management determine the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In order for this to be done effectively, it has to be realistic and aware of the problems.
My company harps on strategic planning because we are a multiple million dollar company and in order to be successful, we have to plan goals and hit them without any era. Some cases, something may interfere with our goals and we have the option to adjust with reasonable doubt. The idea is to always be aware of the conditions of the economy and have to

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