Functions of Management Paper

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Functions of Management Paper Page 1

Functions of Management Paper

Functions of Management Paper
University of Phoenix
Denise Zmijewski-Bunch
February 15, 2009

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Function of Management Paper
The four functions of management include Planning, Organization, Leading and Controlling. This paper will explain how each function is applied to a business by the management team and how the management team applies the four fundamental functions of management to ensure the business will be run productively, will use all resources wisely, budget time efficiently and be cost effective. The management team delivers strategic values through planning activities that include analyzing current issues, determine present and future objectives, evaluate and decide on the type of activities the company will be involved in, analyze and determine corporate and business strategies, and choose the resources needed to achieve the organizations goals. Creating a plan paves the way for the actions to take and sets standards for major achievements. Organizing is a major part in business strategy in developing and building a dynamic organization. Organizing involves creating a chart to identify functions of the business, establish reporting relationships, and developing a personnel department who will handle all administrative duties such as paperwork, plans and programs. An effective manager will use all resources and build an organization that is flexible and adaptive, particularly in response to the needs of customers and respond to the threats of competition. An effective management team incorporates the most efficient methods into the organization of the business and views the staff and employees of the business as their most valuable resources and strongly considers the innovative ideas of the employees next to customer opinion. Function of Management Paper Page 3

An effective manager has the ability in leading the...

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