Functions of Education Administration

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The Federal government coordinates education planning, policy and finance through the National Council on Education, which comprises all Commis sioner/Ministers of Education in the Country and the Joint Consultative Committee of Education. At the primary level, Local Governments share responsi bilities with the Federal Government. At the Secondary Level, the responsibility is borne by state governments. The Federal Government has exclusive legislative powers as well as full financial responsibility for federally owned Univer-sities in the whole country.

The Federal Minister of Education plays a vital role in the maintenance of educational standards nation-wide by operating national organisations which are devoted to the development of spe cialised aspects of Education. Such organisations include the Federal Inspectorate Service and the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council which among other functions, is actively involved in curricular review and renewal. Other educational services for improvement of standards include the Science Equipment Centre and the School Broadcasting Unit.

The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC): The Council, set up by Decree Number 31 of August 1972, has the following functions: to encourage, promote and coordinate educational research programmes in Nigeria to identify such educational problems in Nigeria needing research. to encourage research into education problems and, for that purpose, under take commissioning and financing such research projects as it thinks fit. to maintain a central register for educa tional research projects and publish a list of completed educational research project and to complete and publish or sponsor the publication of the result of educational research, particularly in relation to Nigerian problems The NERDC has specialist committees on pri mary, teacher training, and secondary education, as well as an evaluation and testing committee.


This is an independent body of professional educators acting in advisory capacity to both the Federal and State Ministries of Education, Universities, Institutes of Education, the West African Examination Council, and all other educa tion agencies. Its main functions include: influencing educational development in the country. offering professional officers a forum for exchange of ideas and information and reconciling professional views in order to evolve a harmonious national educa tional system. West African Examinations Council; The West African Examination Council (WAEC) was recently the sole Federal Government instrument for the conduct and regulation of certain examinations in the country.

The WAEC, a multi-national examining body embracing the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, conducts such examinations as are determined by the national government of each member state.

In Nigeria, the Council conducts the West African School Certificate examination, the General Certificate of Education examination mainly at the ordinary level and sparingly at the advanced levels, the Royal Society of Arts Examination, the City and Guilds, the National Common Entrance Examina tion to Federal Secondary Schools and other State Secondary Schools.

The Council continually reviews its syllabus in order to meet the needs of the country. In more recent years, it has developed new syllabuses in such areas as elementary surveying, applied elec tricity auto-mechanics, basic electronics, wood work, metal-work, business methods, statistics, principles of accounts, shorthand, typewriting and commerce.

National Examination Council (NECO):

The National Examination Council with headquarters in Minna, Niger State, was established in January 1998 as a result of a chain of recommendations of Sogbetun Commission (1977), the Augulu Panel (1982),the Osiyale Committee 1993, the Etsu Nupe Panel Examination Council and thus relieve WAEC of some...
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