Functions of Education

Topics: Learning, Human rights, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Functions of Education
In the essay “Discovering Books” by Richard Wright, he describes life before his homemade education he made for himself. He dropped out of school after completing the ninth grade and was sent to live with his grandmother. In this time era discrimination was still in full blast so Wright had to forge notes to the librarian saying they were for a white man so he could check out books for himself. He read many books until he was confident with the knowledge he had although segregation was roaring Wright was brave enough to keep reading a secret and continue learning. In Malcolm X’s “Homemade Education” he also educated himself by rewriting the whole dictionary while in prison. Wright and Malcolm X educated themselves without any help so that they could go on to who they are today. The function of education is to gain general knowledge, be able to make good judgments, and to give you confidence. One function for education is to help people gain general knowledge. When Wright began reading, the first book he started off with was A Book of Prefaces. He began reading and was shocked by the harsh reality of an American such as how they make fun of people’s weaknesses and do not respect authority. “..[Mencken] denouncing every American, extolling everything...Laughing at the weaknesses of people, mocking God, authority...Yes, this man was fighting, fighting with words (39).” Wright realized how words can easily be used to hurt people, that they can be used as weapons. In Malcolm X’s case he read and wrote every word in the dictionary giving him all the general knowledge there is to know. Malcolm X was frustrated that he could not express himself the way he wanted to. While using the dictionary he was able to learn new words and their every meaning. Another function of education is to be able to make good judgment. While Wright was reading he noticed Mencken used words to hurt and offend people. Wright considered using his words as a weapon...
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