Functions of an Enterprise Data Management (Edm) System

Topics: Data management, Access control, SQL Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: August 15, 2006
Enterprise data management is a system to Manage Electronic Data by providing control and security (CPD notes, 2005)

In today's connected world, data and the systems that manage data must always be available to your customers and your staffs. Enterprises and their customers lack of sharing the up-to-date data has becomes increasingly problematic with the increased amount of data that must pass through the different business organisation. EDM organizes and automates much of this, allowing people to effectively manage greater amounts of data then ever before. Enterprise data management (EDM) is a technology and operations strategy that breaks down the barriers of traditional data limitation through better consolidation, management and distribution of critical data to other business applications. EDM is covering most of electronic data through out the business operation, such as sales data, marketing data, legal data and etc. EDM makes the business run more efficiently; make better decisions by combining and analyzing data from multiple sources.

EDM system is a system for a Client/Server architecture of computers to allow people throughout an enterprise to access, re-use, manages and controls the product life cycle data easily and transparently. Clients can be workstations or PCs connected by local or wide area networks (CPD notes, WMG, 2005)

EDM system¡¯s major function has been listed as follows:

6¦1Typically built around a relational database and high level of security Within the enterprise, Enterprise data management system makes users use, and control the product life cycle data easier and clearer. EDM system has store data which from every parts of product life cycle and distribute those data into different catalogues of relational database. And also EDM system can provide very high level secure to protect enterprise data and product related data. It enable enterprise IT staffs and authorize users to check system data online, moreover, the EDM...
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