Functional Roles of Group Members

Topics: Opinion, Belief, Abelian group Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: November 7, 2008
Functional Roles of Group Members

Task Roles

1. Initiator/ContributorContributes ideas and suggestions; proposes solutions and decisions; proposes new ideas or states old ideas in a novel fashion.

2. Information SeekerAsks for clarification of comments in terms of their factual adequacy; asks for information or facts relevant to the problem; suggests information is needed before making decisions.

3. Information GiverOffers facts or generalizations that may relate to the group’s task.

4. Opinion SeekerAsks for clarification of opinions made by other members of the group and asks how people in the group feel.

5. Opinion GiverStates beliefs or opinions having to do with suggestions made; indicates what the group’s attitude should be.

6. Elaborator/ClarifierElaborates ideas and other contributions; offers rationales for suggestions; tries to deduce how an idea or suggestion would work if adopted by the group.

7. CoordinatorClarifies the relationships among information, opinions, and ideas or suggests an integration of the information, opinions, and ideas of subgroups.

8. DiagnosticianIndicates what the problems are.

9. Orienter/SummarizerSummarizes what has taken place; points out departures from agreed-on goals; tries to bring the group back to the central issues; raises questions about the direction in which the group is heading.

10. EnergizerProds the group to action.

11. Procedure DeveloperHandles routine tasks such as seating arrangements, obtaining equipment, and handing out pertinent papers.

12. SecretaryKeeps notes on the group’s progress.

13. Evaluator/CriticConstructively analyzes the group’s accomplishments according to some set of standards; checks to see that consensus has been reached.
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