Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment

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Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide

Functional Health Pattern (FHP) Template Directions:
This FHP template is to be used for organizing community assessment data in preparation for completion of your collaborative learning community (CLC) assignment. Address every bulleted statement in each section with data or rationale for deferral. You may also add additional bullet points if applicable to your community.

Value/Belief Pattern
Predominant ethnic and cultural groups along with beliefs related to health Mexican
Predominant spiritual beliefs in the community that may influence health Catholic
Some Mormons-no blood transfusions
Availability of spiritual resources within or near the community (churches/chapels, synagogues, chaplains, Bible studies, sacraments, self-help groups, support groups, etc.). El Cajon Wesleyan Church

Foothills Church
Gateway Community Church
Shadow Mountain Church
Lot of individual bible studies
Self-help Groups- N.A (Narcotics anonymous), A.A. (Alcoholics anonymous) M.A.D-Mothers against drunk driving
Sharp Healthcare offers groups for breastfeeding mothers, postpartum depression, grieving for loss of a child, obesity, eating disorders etc. Do the community members value health promotion measures? What is the evidence that they do or do not (e.g., involvement in education, fundraising events, etc.)? Fundraising events for local kids with Neuroblastoma (Pediatric) Cancer Fundraise for community sports like football and cheerleading What does the community value? How is this evident?

Religion- Church on Sundays with family
Family Values- many family functions like concerts in the local park, movie night at the Lake On what do the community members spend their money? Are funds adequate? Cars
Homes, rent- cost of living is high in CA
Eating out
Middle Class majority, funds can get tight

Health Perception/Management
Predominant health problems: Compare at least one health problem to a credible statistic (CDC, county, or state). Obesity
33% in San Diego are overweight, 26% are obese
30% of kids grades 5/7/9 are overweight/obese in San Diego County (“Community profile: county”, 2013) Immunization rates (age appropriate).
4.5% of Kindergarteners are missing one or more vaccines
Out of 43,000 kindergarteners in the county, 1900 are not fully immunized Not all families in San Diego are immunizing their children due to things they hear about vaccines- EX: vaccines causing autism Parents do not do their research and often listen to hear-say or false news reports Appropriate death rates and causes, if applicable.

Top 10 causes of death in San Diego: Malignant neoplasms, diseases of the heart, Alzheimer’s, chronic lower respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular disease, accidents (unintentional injuries), diabetes, intended self-harm (Suicide), chronic liver disease (cirrhosis), hypertension/hypertensive renal disease and influenza/pneumonia (“San Diego County”, n.d.) In 2012, in San Diego alone there were 20,018 deaths

3,684 in East County San Diego
1,806 were Male
1,876 were Female
377 Hispanic
3,015 White
130 Black
88 Asian
70 Other
Age groups 0-4 (28 deaths), 5-14 (6 deaths), 15-24 (42 deaths), 25-24 (68 deaths), 35-44 (90 deaths), 45-54 (278 deaths), 55-64 (474 deaths), 65-74 (587 deaths), 75-84 (863 deaths), 84+ (1,248 deaths) (“San Diego County”, n.d.) Prevention programs (dental, fire, fitness, safety, etc.): Does the community think these are sufficient? Drug Abuse prevention programs, Delinquent and school failure prevention programs CAL Fire teaches a fire prevention program locally in San Diego, CA Safe Kids San Diego which teaches prevention of unintentional accidents such as drowning, child passenger safety, sports and recreation safety and pedestrian safety (“Safe Kids San”, 2014) Western Dental provides services for people who no insurance for a cheaper rate Multiple gym facilities such...
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