Functional areas of Greggs

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Functional areas of Greggs:12

At Greggs Head office they have eight main functional areas which are; Marketing- Infilling a market lead ethos thought out, researching on external opportunities to understand current and potential customers, developing the marketing plan and strategy. Managing budgets and market success. Job roles within marketing: researcher, questionnaire designer, online survey producer. Production- only found in in manufacturing businesses such as; Heinz. Receives deliveries, though previously going by Just IN Time knowing when to order based on the amount of stock in store and by their loses in stocks. These are usually for making and selling the product. Many automated systems including robotics and other machines these would be used for the production of other products to speed up productivity. These machines would have been programmed on what is needed to have a balanced amount of stock and not be under or over the required amount necessary. Greggs use this as they produce their products within the bakery. Job roles within Production: job, Bach and flow, production manager. Finance- Preparing/sending invoices. Receiving, recording any bank payments and balances. Chasing up creditors, checking that pay invoices are being received and preparing payrolls for employees. For a Greggs finance officer to prepare all Gregg’s employees within the store their wages for the month. Job roles within finance: Chief finance officer, chief operating officer, chief executive officer. ICT-Maintains system and software throughout the mainframe of the servers and all computers within the workplace. Produces advice on matters of installing new software and equipment. Training other users to understand and work with the software present. In which the users will comply with system rules. For Greggs ICT technicians to help allow employees assistance when using the servers or even the till. Job roles within ICT: analyst, system developer, support technician,...
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