Functional Areas of Business Paper

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Functional Areas of Business Paper

The role that one should play as a manager in the functional areas of human resource management is making sure within my organization that I focus on the recruitment of the best workers they need in our organization success. I want to make sure that each person can work comfortable and safe environment. Human resource management it gives you three reasons why it is important. “First, it can be a significant source of competitive advantages as various studies have concluded. Second, HRM is an important part of organizational strategies. Finally, the way organizations treat their people has been found to significantly impact organizational performance” (Robbins & Coulter, 2012, p. 312-313). A manager in the functional area of human resource management is my responsibility to ensure the organizational objectives are fulfilled. Strategic Planning is another functional area that I am interested in. As a manager my purpose is to achieve and clarify the results of an organization. As a manager I must ensure that we work together in achieving the same goals. Strategic planning “are plans that apply to the entire organization and establish the organization’s overall goals” (Robbins & Coulter, 2012, p. 207). Which I know that strategic planning is a process where I will have to make choices and decisions to help develop the necessary approaches to achieving the organizational goals. Human resource management is very important to an organization. To help me with my statement I read a peer reviewed article that had some interested things about human resource management and why it is important. According to the article “the modern role of human resources management is recognized in the following range: newly defined aims which this scientific discipline, and practice as well, appoint as direction of relevance, redesigned processes by which it implements its activities and of course, new demands in the “...
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