Functional Areas of Business

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Functional Areas of Business
Edith Compean
September 3, 2013
Paul Machen

The role of a manager within the Functional areas of a business
Many companies base their organizational structures using functional areas. The way to grow a business is to split and create different departments, which leads to greater efficiency. The role of managers is to oversee these departments which are seen in business environments. Managers are responsible to reduce errors, cut costs, make sure all individuals within the business are doing the job in a timely manner and the business is being represented as intended. Managers from different departments have to work closely together to monitor the business’s progress and make sure the same job is not done twice. The importance of functional areas may differ from one company to another. The importance of each management department depends on the nature and characteristics of the business and it can change over time depending on the evolution of the company (Carmona, Barbancho, Larios, & Leon, 2013). Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible to hire and train new employees by providing the correct and complete tools to perform their job. This department is also responsible to fire those employees who have not met the necessary expectations for the business. Managers establish pay scales for all employees, basing salaries on comparable compensation packages in the industry (Suttle, 2011). A challenge that a manager must face is ensuring that the company has a high quality workforce. Recruiting and maintaining current employees is critical to the success of every company. Marketing and Sales

The manager of Marketing and Sales is responsible for creating and improving the products, know who the customer is, determine the price, and deciding where and how to sell. (Samuel, 2012). A business grows by expanding marketing efforts to include research into customers, competitors, the marketplace and...

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