Functional areas

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Functional areas
All businesses need to be well organised to achieve their aims and objectives. Certain tasks or functions must be done regularly. In a large organisation e.g. Tesco PLC, Newvic College, people work together in functional areas as it gets jobs done faster and easier. Below are the main functional areas:

Marketing function
The Marketing department would be responsible for: Marketing Research This means when an organisation collects data by doing a questionnaire, and also they do presentations to tell everyone what new ideas they have come up with to make money. Customer care and services .This means that the marketing department deals with any customer complaints and problems that they have. Sales promotion and advertising this means that they are responsible for making sure that all the sale promotions are out so that customers can see them, and also they are responsible for making sure that advertisements are done for the organisation and their products or services. These are the main responsibilities that the Marketing department has. In order to complete them the marketing department would need to work closely with the finance Finance

The main activities of the finance department are:
To record all the business transactions this means that they record all the expenses that have been paid and all incomings. They also make sure that each department does not spend more than it has been allocated. They also control the finances and cash flow so that Tesco stays reliable this means that they make sure that there is enough money in the business to pay off debts and the bills. They are also linked with the human resources department as they figure out how much wage the employees are paid. Human resources function

The human resource in an organisation is the second most important department because this is where all the new employees are chosen from. The main purpose of the Human Resource department is to recruit, select, train and develop...
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