Functional Area Plan

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Corporate Organization Structure Template

Name Annette Rasberry| Date 12/24/2011|
Prerequisite: You must have Units 1-6 completed before composing this assignment, which utilizes the practiced research and writing processes. Purpose and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare for successful, enjoyable participation in a positive team experience for Units 8–10. In this assignment, you will research and compose descriptions of a fictitious anonymous company's five functional areas. Further, you will explore organization’s code of ethics and executive summaries of reports to understand what they are and how to compose them. Your main task is to develop a broad overview of the mission and purpose to be prepared to participate in the team activity for Unit 8. Note that your assigned role for the team is not needed or related to this assignment. As you complete this assignment on this template, refer to information provided in the unit 7 studies. Specifically, utilize these provided resources and perform research to satisfactorily complete this assignment. * Teamwork Activity Challenge.

* Organizational Structure reading.
* Functional Areas Managers reading.
1. This assignment is due Sunday of week 7. Learners completing it on time will be performing Unit 8 as part of a team. Learners without a successful, timely assignment cannot be on a team. 2. Utilize paragraph structure, not outline format, and support your ideas with references. 3. This template will guide the compositions, reference list, and appendix. Further, this template provides extra instructions to guide the needed clearly written compositions. Your compositions need to include the Summary items listed next. 4. You may want to refer to the research tips provided in our unit 3 studies. Summary of Needed Items on this Template

Part A-E shown next refer to the items in the actual template (which starts on the next page). Part A: Functional Area Descriptions, Mission, and Purpose Statements Describe each of the following functional area’s mission and purpose as related to the company’s objectives and growth. For each department, recommend one approach for its professionals to maintain awareness of professional development events and trends. Accounting and Finance.

Human Resources.
Information Technology Systems.
Marketing and Sales.
Production and Operations.
Part B: Code of Ethics
Explain how the organization will adhere to an established organization code of ethics. Part C: Executive Summary
Explain an executive summary of a report.
Part D: Reference List in APA Reference Format
You will place your references in this part.
Part E: Appendix
Demonstrate use of the six-step critical thinking process to complete this assignment. REMINDERS: You are expected to perform research, paraphrase, and cite your resources similar to your Units 3–6 coursework. Do not submit a series of bulleted lists. Use the Unit 7 studies and perform research as you proceed with the remainder of the template, which guides the needed compositions for the above items. Finally, refer to the Teamwork Activity Challenge often as you complete this template and have fun! Template

Part A: Five Functional Areas
Begin with a potential description of each functional area. In your research, find information about how each can serve an organization to meet its objectives and growth. Most likely, the descriptions might be written in a mission statement, with goals, a purpose statement, or a combination of these. You may want to explore career sites and/or professional organizations to get ideas about what people do in these five functional areas. Compose answers to all five functional areas as follows: HINT: Refer to the Teamwork Activity Challenge to understand the company’s objectives and growth. Accounting and Finance Functional Area

Instructions: Paraphrase the wordings as much as you can and place quotes...
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