functional area of business paper

Topics: Management, Leadership, Law Pages: 6 (1118 words) Published: April 21, 2014

Functional Areas of Business Paper

This paper will be focusing the topics of Management, Law and Leadership. These three topics are very important to any business and are very much needed. Management profession is to recognize the strengths and weakness of employees, the growth of the company as the future approaches and strive to increase customer satisfaction. Having knowledge in business law is very important if starting or operating a business. This will help ensure that the business is operating without ignorance. Seeking guidance of an attorney and accountant to receive knowledge about the latest business laws so you will be in compliance and what can affect the business. Not all business laws are the same but the functions are similar. Having leadership will ensure success for the business. Leadership will set the standards of the business and influence the behavior of others and encourage them to achieve certain objectives and goals. Leadership specializes in communicating effectively and ensuring as clear understanding of what is expected from individuals. Management and leadership work together as team to be successful in the organization.

To be outstanding in management, it requires an understanding of skills and a desire to want to help other people improve in their job performance and the company growth. Being in management does require patience and the ability to adapt to changes within the organizations whether it is hiring, firing, receiving promotion or financial changes. Management must seek out different ways to deal with different personalities and be able to handle conflict when it arises. Their position is to be taking seriously and not abuse. The manager who knows how to and do not mind providing feedback are the ones who will have more productive, effective and motivate employees. In most effective organizations the manager is more a leader and communicator than a commander and scorekeeper. Management relies on the leadership team to help meet goals and make sure the business is operating properly. Management also utilizes business laws so that the business will follow certain guidelines on how to conduct the business. Management is the process of using organizational resources effectively and efficiently to achieve organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading, directing, and evaluating, controlling. (Law 2013). Management help minimize the usage of human resources. They are known as leaders who understand the meaning of teamwork and the internal and external of the building’s organization. They are able to recognize the importance of technology and information systems for decision- making process and the importance of ethical and social responsibility of the up keeping of the building and the business relationship. Managing people from the old traditional approaches does not work anymore. A new and improve managing system is now effective and reliable. Using the statement I tell you when and what to do only inhibits poor development and progress over a period of time. There will be no growth from the staff; he/she will fail if constantly over directed or under directed by managers. If the staff is told how to do everything, this will surely enable him/her to be less proactive and productive. Mangers have to know when to be directive and when not to. Management role in organizations are compatible to the brain in the human body. Without management no organization will survive or prosper. Management is supposed to be great providers of leadership and motivation to individuals. There will always be a use for management in organizations. Over the recent years due to an enormous of size and complexity of organizations, management has increased tremendously. Management is held sole responsible for the creative, survival and the growth of organizations. Business law addresses regulations and...
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