Function of Public Relation

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Functions of Public Relation
It has been reported that Public Relations or PR is the art of managing communication between an organization and its key publics to build, manage and sustain a positive image (“”, 2006), and is an important function in the desire of any business organization or company to establish its reputation and brand image to its target market. For this reason, it is essential to determine the several functions of public relations, categorized as organizational and societal. This paper seeks to discuss the organizational and societal functions of public relation. In addition, it also seeks to explain the differences and similarities that exist between the two functions. Organizational Functions of Public Relations

Organizational functions of public relations are activities that interact with or affect organizations, and these include functions, such as communications management, media, government affairs, publicity, investor relations, community relations, consumer relations, and employee relations (“”, 2006). These functions involve processes or actions that unite the different teams or functions within the business organization or company. The company can use them these functions to distribute or dissipate useful information to the employees of the company, to stakeholders and to other organizations involved in the company. The organizational functions can be used for fostering an effective and efficient workforce, to increase the productivity of the company, and to establish its reputation in the market. One of its important functions is employee relations or human resource management. Human Resource Management is concerned with all the activities that contribute to successfully attracting, developing, motivating, planning systematic approaches, and maintaining a high-performing workforce that result in organizational success (, 2002). In addition, it gives an increasing emphasis on the personal needs of the organization and its members, where the challenge is to create an organizational environment in which each employee can grow and develop to his or her fullest extent, and it aims at developing strategies for the total organization focused on clarifying an organization’s current and potential problems and developing solutions for them (, 2002). Another important function is managing customer relations or customer service. This strategy is used by business organizations or companies to learn more about the needs and behaviors of customers to develop stronger relationships with them. Managing customer relations is essential for companies for they need to value its customers based on the total value of their relationship with the company, the potential value of their relationship, the profitability of their relationship, the insights they can provide the company, and the influence that they exercise over other customers (, 2000). With proper management of customer relations, the company and its customers will be able to create a good relationship and benefit from one another. Both the employee and customer relations are functions of the organizational function of public relations because both functions are processes that involve distributing useful information. Employee relations are responsible in dissipating useful information within the company, while customer relations is responsible for giving out information regarding the company and the company’s products and services. In addition, both functions are essential in the company’s aim to sustain and maintain their operation, and with these processes, the whole organization will be able to continue to produce products or render services, both internally and externally. Societal Functions of Public Relations

In contrast to the organizational function of public relations, societal functions of public relations have to do with actions that connect to the public, and these functions include marketing communications, consumer relations, public...
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