Function Area of Business

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Master in Business Administration (MBA) is the next step in business degree. It will help me understand the business world & business practice for better future career opportunities. Most businesses consist of number of different deparment, which has specific job or task to do that is called functional area of a business such as accounting/finance, marketing, operations, human resources and administration. This degree will help me understand each department of business and what roles managers play in each deparment.

All business will carry out each functions but not every business will have a separate deparment that is responsible for each function. All businesses need to be well organized to achieve their aims and objectives. Certain tasks, or functions, must be done regularly and these are usually grouped into specific types of activities. All businesses will carry out each of these functions but not every business will have separate deparment that is responsible for each functions. It is all depends on the size of organizations.

All functional are of business are very much important to organization. Few functional areas that interest me are Human Resource and Finance. Human Resources is important department. The main purpose of Human Resource deparment is to recruit, select, train and develop staff. This means that they have to find right people at right place at right time and it is the responsibility of Human Resource to train and develop them to make sure that they reach their full ability to do required task. Human resources take part in rang of different activities such as focus on the needs to all the staff, look after the member of staff, coordinate central services, and training, development and promotion. The Human Resources department also has a legal obligation, and that is to keep all records that they have in their possession confidential. This means that they have an obligation to stand by the data protection act.

Finance is the other...
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