Fun Time

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* If students are allowed to leave campus and their parents' homes are nearby, students can save money on lunch and eat from home.

 Social Contact
* Students may spend time with others who they may not see if the lunch was confined to on campus. Students can go out and eat with friends.

* If it's a great day outside, students can eat outdoors and enjoy the sun for a half-hour or so. This could lead to a fresh burst of energy and creativity.

* Open campus lunch allows the students to leave the premise of the school. This grants the student freedom to eat where he wants.

 Physical Activity
* When students are allowed to leave campus, they can get out and stretch their legs a little more than if they were confined to a lunch room.

Line too long in the cafeteria and not a lot of change in your wallet? In need of a good quick fix? There are several places in Santa Clarita that can satisfy your food cravings at an affordable price of $10 and under. Egg Plantation, Urbane Café, Chronic Tacos, La Cocina, Qdoba Mexican Grill, Corner Bakery, El Taco Llama, Saugus Café and Panera Bread are just a few of the delicious options to choose from. It all just depends on what type of food you are in the mood for. Don‘t know where they are located? Simply go to Yelp, Map Quest, or Google Maps and enter the destination. Here are a few off-campus favorites to whet your appetite: Breakfast 
Breakfast is offered at Egg Plantation, Corner Bakery, and Panera Bread. All have price ranges between $6-$10. These bakery cafes also offer a comfortable, friendly, fashionable place to study or hang out with friends. Egg Plantation in Newhall is home of 101 delicious omelets. Panera Bread and Corner Bakery not only offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner but free wire-less Internet as well. Way...
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