Fun Facts on Laser

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What kids haven’t played with lasers? We have all loved the laser fights in movies like Star Wars. Who wouldn’t want wield a laser around while fighting an enemy. Did you know that the term laser came from an acronym meaning “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.”? It should actually be all capitalized but for simplicity it isn’t.

The first working laser was actually demonstrated by Theodore Maiman at the Hughes Research Laboratories back in 1960.

The strength of early lasers was measured in Gillette’s. This was the number of blue razor blades a beam could puncture.

There are many types of lasers found in everything from electronics to medical items. In the 60’s they were only seen as a solution for a problem!

Some lasers are gas, chemical, solid state, dye and stimulated electron lasers.

Before the laser evolved on the scene there was the “maser”-(microwave amplification by simulated emission of radiation) it was based on Einstein’s principle of simulated emission masers used in such devices like atomic clocks.

Lasers we come across today operate at a low level of power. Lasers in CD-ROMs drives will be around 5mW, DVD players around 5-10mW, recordable CD drives-100mW.

The most powerful laser recorded was at 1.25 petawatts in a laboratory in California in 1996.

Lasers actually are grouped into classes for levels of danger. Class 1-5. If you reach 5 it can mean permanent blindness and burning skin!

You may have thought that lasers are visible but they aren’t. So for a thief to try to get around them would be impossible!

Lasers could not be seen in space either because they have no matter. The matter causes the scattering effect which would give the appearance of a light beam.

Scientists are working on a laser to draw lightning strikes away from airports and power plants.

Cold lasers are used for acupuncture instead of needles.

There is a new laser that can detect cancer and diabetes called the

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