fully explore the writers use of irony in "the gift of the magi" and the necklace". for each story identify the type(s) of irony,

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Writing Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: November 30, 2013
Write a seven (7) page research essay on any of the following topics. 1. “Vanity of vanities all is vanity.” This sage observation from King Solomon highlights the pitfalls of materialism and the negative consequences of human ambition. Using “The Necklace” and “How Much Land does a Man Need?” discuss the pitfalls of materialism and covetousness. For each story: (a) Compare and contrast the major characters. Focus on their attitudes, outlook on life and the motivation for their actions. (b) Discuss the impact that the attitudes, worldview and motivation have (c) Highlight the lessons taught about covetousness and materialism 2. Choose ANY TWO short stories studied on the course and discuss setting and its impact on the stories. For each: (a) Fully describe the setting

(b) Comment on how setting defines aspects of the character (characters are products of their environment) (c) Discuss the impact setting has on the action (setting propels action and thought) (d) Show how setting contributes to or facilitates the development of the conflict. In essence, discuss how setting shapes the plot (e) Consider whether or not the work have been different had there been a change of the setting (think about mood- atmosphere created and the emotional impact that setting has- does it facilitate reflection or introspection among other things) 3. The theme of initiation is a common theme of adolescent literature. Choose two short stories and for each: (a) Outline the nature of the initiation that takes place

(b) Describe the impact of the initiation on the protagonist (c) Consider whether or not the initiation results in a “successful incorporation of the antagonist into the adult world”. (d) Say what opportunities for self- evaluation these short stories provide for you and adolescents who will interact with them in the classroom. 4. Fully explore the writers’ use of irony in “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Necklace.” For each story : (a) Identify...
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