Fulltime Jobs

Topics: Employment, Labour relations, Person Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Nowadays most adults have fulltime jobs and as the proportion of their lives spent doing such jobs is very high, job satisfaction has become very important. There are many ways in which an employee can gain satisfaction from their work. Firstly a person needs to feel that they are doing valuable work, so receiving positive feedback from the employer or a superior is extremely vitle. A sense of fulfilment can also be attained if the worker feels the job is worth doing because it contributes to society. Secondly when someone feels that they are developing or improving skills thanks to their job then that has its own reward. The sense of belonging to a team also contributes to job satisfaction, because colleagues help each other and can then enjoy their working together. Of course not everybody works in their „dream job”. In fact it would be unrealistic to expect that all workers are satisfied with their jobs because there are many menial jobs. In today’s economic crisis it is important to have a job so people often sacrifice their dreams. This can, however, mean that the job they are doing does not suit their skills nor their personality. In some jobs labour relations can be difficult and it is very challenging to work in a hostile environment. Some jobs can be boring for certain people and this also goes against individual wellbeing. Even though it is unlikely that everybody will be satisfied with their jobs it is still important to promote job satisfaction at every work place, because it can enhance productivity. In my opinion job satisfaction is necessary, but many people end up working too much and spend too little time doing something else. So all in all we should work to live and not live to work.
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