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Full Sentence Outline

By bygmac Dec 21, 2009 526 Words
Week 5 Check Point: Full Sentence Outline

I. The Irish migration was not just because of the potato famine.

A. There was more than just one potato famine in the 19th century.

1. The British government helped the Irish out of the first famine.

2. How they helped during the first famine.

B. The British government did not help during the second famine.

1. The reason they did not help was political.

2. The result was the death of thousands.

C. Getting from Ireland to the United States was not easy.

1. The trip across the Atlantic Ocean was arduous.

2. Many died on the way over.

D. There were many Irish that came, and many Americans did not welcome them.

1. Most Irish were Catholic.

2. Most Americans were Protestant, and did not welcome them here.

E. The derogatory names given them.

1. What the names they were given as a group.

2. Where these names came from.

II. The German immigration was not religious or political.

A. The reason for migration was for land.

1. How the available land was divided by family members in Germany.

2. How the effects of the lack of land available was the cause for immigration.

B. There were no religious or political reasons for leaving at the time.

1. Religions in Germany were not at odds with one another.

2. Politically Germany was stable in these years.

III. Italian immigrants left for political reasons.

A. The government was oppressing their people.

1. How the oppression affected Italy’s population.

2. How this created the mass immigration to the United States.

B. The Italians as the Irish flocked in huge numbers to the United States.

1. How they came to Ellis Island from Italy.

2. What their dreams were about the living in the United States.

C. The Americans looked down on these immigrants.

1. They were used for cheap labor.

2. The result was large ghetto areas being developed.

D. The derogatory names given to the Italians.

1. What these names were.

2. Why they were given these names.

IV. The immigration of the big three was a hardship to them all when they came.

A. Explain how many overcame the hardships.

1. By assimilating into the American population.

2. Contributions of the Irish, German and Italians to the American way of life.

B. How these immigrants and their descendents now consider themselves as Americans first.

1. The immigrants fought in wars to keep us free from oppression.

2. There rolls in these wars. (Civil, WWI and WWII)

The most effective arguments of my essay will be placed in the ending body paragraphs. The reason I have chosen to place them here, is to show how the Irish, German and Italian immigrants overcame adversity to become Americans and to give to their children a better future and life than they had. The arguments will show historical facts from the appropriate eras, and hopefully (depending on what I can find) the testimonials of those that were there at the time. This will help to reinforce my argument in the reader’s minds and make the essay more memorable.

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