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Topics: Physical exercise, Better, Psychology Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Name: Nguyen Minh Quang
Topic: Many people think that sports should be encouraged at school; others are concerned that sports teach children to compete rather than to co-operate with each other. Do you know there is a fact that sports help us a lot? Training a sport have many benefits so I think that sports should be encouraged at school. First is the health benefits. Young people generally get less physical activity the older they get, but if they stay involved in sports programs, they’re more likely to reap the physical benefits they otherwise would not receive. This certainly helps alleviate one of the factors that can lead to obesity. Not only preventing obesity but physical activity can lead to better eating habit. Second is the social benefits. Playing sports increasing the effectiveness of teamwork. For example, teen girls tend to see the greater social benefits of competing in team sports. The physical activity combined with the friendship and purpose lead to a winning combination for girls. They have more confidence and get higher grades. Playing sports also increasing closeness between teachers and students. When a PE teacher coach a football team, the players always need to respect and believe him. The social benefits can also lead to academic benefits. Physical activity is shown to lead to better learning results, and when your team is performing better, on the court and in the classroom, it adds an incentive for the lone-players to do better. Participating on a team or as an individual can also help young people improve problem-solving skills. Last but not least, training sports have emotional benefits. According to a study: “A growing body of literature suggests a relationship between PA (Physical Activity) and improved mental well-being for adolescents. Participation in PA (exercise) for teens was associated with decreased anxiety and depression and improved academic performance; improved parental relationships, increased self-esteem, and...
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