Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Debut albums Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Harry Davis
Period 5

The message of On the Trail of the Immigrant

In the information text, “on the trail of the Immigrants,” Edward Steiner describes the message of the article by describing the Immigrants journey at the gateway, under the huge portal of the vast hall waiting for their final judgment, said in paragraph 2. Steiner is describing not only their journey, but also the mixed emotions and feelings that are also going on, paragraph 5. Steiner describes their feelings by saying, “already a sifting process has taken place; families have been divided.” When Steiner says, “The sifting process has taken place.” The immigrants are taking that in a mean way, because you can’t sift people, so the attendants are treating the immigrants like they are nothing important, making them feel unwanted or not good enough. Steiner is describing the immigrants as unwanted, and when he says, “Families are being divided.” Steiner is telling us that the feelings are showing heartbreaks and the families of the immigrants and their bonds, are being broken. Mothers are losing their children and which they’re showing great pain. In the informational text, On the Trail of the Immigrants, Edward Steiner describes the message of the informational article by describing the immigrants, and what their seeing as they approached Long Island Sound. As it says in Paragraph 1, “The structure towards which we sail and which gradually rises from the surrounding sea is rather imposing,” explains what the immigrants are seeing as the vessel approaches land. The immigrants have their tickets and their waiting to get off the ship. The immigrants are nervous because they’re waiting for the agents to check them for physical defects, as described in paragraphs 2 and 3. They’re waiting to get off the boat and pass through the inspectors, when a polish woman realizes the agents took one of her children, “A Polish woman by my side has suddenly become aware that she has one...
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