FTU OB Session 9

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 52 (2600 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Foreign Trade University
Organization Behavior
Session 9: Ch. 12
Dr. Noel Jones, PhD
International Business &
Management Consultant
Dr. Noel Jones


Chapter 12 Learning Objectives
After studying this chapter you should be able to:

Define leadership and contrast leadership and management.
Summarize the conclusions of trait theories of leadership.
Identify the central tenets and main limitations of behavioral theories. Assess contingency theories of leadership by their level of support. Compare and contrast charismatic and transformational leadership. Define authentic leadership and show why effective leaders exemplify ethics and trust. Demonstrate the role mentoring plays in our understanding of leadership. Address challenges to the effectiveness of leadership.


Define leadership and contrast
LO 1 leadership and management
• Leadership is the ability to influence a group
toward the achievement of a vision or set of
• Not all leaders are managers nor are all
managers leaders.
• Nonsanctioned leadership is often as important
or more important than formal influence.


Define leadership and contrast
LO 1 leadership and management
• Strong leadership and strong management are
needed for optimal effectiveness.
• Leaders are needed today to challenge the status quo,
create visions of the future, and inspire organizational
members to want to achieve the visions.
• Managers formulate detailed plans, create efficient
organizational structures, and oversee day-to-day


Summarize the conclusions of
LO 2 trait theories of leadership
• Trait theories of leadership focus on personal
qualities and characteristics.
• The search for personality, social, physical, or
intellectual attributes that differentiate
leaders from nonleaders goes back to the
earliest stages of leadership research.


Summarize the conclusions of
LO 2 trait theories of leadership
• A breakthrough, of sorts, came when
researchers began organizing traits around
the Big Five personality framework (see
Chapter 5).
• Most of the dozens of traits in various
leadership reviews fit under one of the Big
Five (ambition and energy are part of
extraversion, for instance), giving strong
support to traits as predictors of

Summarize the conclusions of
LO 2 trait theories of leadership
• The trait approach does have something to offer.
• Leaders who like being around people and are
able to assert themselves (extraverted), who are
disciplined and able to keep commitments they
make (conscientious), and who are creative and
flexible (open) do have an apparent advantage
when it comes to leadership, suggesting good
leaders do have key traits in common.


Summarize the conclusions of
LO 2 trait theories of leadership
• Another trait that may indicate effective
leadership is emotional intelligence (EI).
• Advocates of EI argue that without it, a
person can have outstanding training, a highly
analytical mind, a compelling vision, and an
endless supply of terrific ideas but still not
make a great leader.
• A core component of EI is empathy.

Summarize the conclusions of
LO 2 trait theories of leadership
• Conclusions based on the latest findings.
– Contrary to what we believed 20 years ago and
thanks to the Big Five, we can say that traits
can predict leadership.
– Traits do a better job predicting the emergence
of leaders and the appearance of leadership
than actually distinguishing between effective
and ineffective leaders.

Identify the central tenets and
limitations of behavioral theories
• Ohio State Studiesfound two behaviors that
accounted for leadership behavior
– Initiating structure-the extent to which a leader
is likely to define and structure his or her role
and those of employees in the search for goal
– Consideration is...
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