Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Graphic design Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: March 2, 2014
An advertisement is a way of showing people your product. An advertisement can persuade people to buy the product that you are selling. why does they buy and what they will buy are very important, so we need know the consumer behavior and who will buy our product, child, young people or adult? For advertisements, we have three types: pioneering advertising, competitive advertising and reminder advertising. Pioneering Advertising is the term for the first phase in an advertising cycle. This is when a new product is introduced to the market and there is no other product on the market parallel to it. For example: when the Apple iPhone first released, it had 100% of the market in touch screen phones with the capabilities that it has. A few years later, now there are other phones that have joined the same market, which moves the iPhone into the second phase of an advertising cycle: Competitive Advertising. Competitive advertising is an effort by at least one company to create a contrast between its product and the same or similar product offerings by competitors. A company may go one step further and attempt to compare its product with a competitor's product. An example is when a soda manufacturer uses the results of an independent taste test to show why its brand of cola is more popular than colas produced by competitors. This approach uses the consumer's trust of independent market research. After few years, we will move into the third phase of an advertising cycle: Reminder advertising. Reminder advertising is used primarily to keep the product and brand name fresh in the public's mind; more commonly used with consumer products. Sometimes the primary role of advertising to act as a reminder to buy and use the brand. The brand may be established and already have a relatively solid, stable image. Reminder advertising then serves to stimulate immediate purchase and /or use to counter the inroads of competition. Other examples of reminder advertising are the shelf...
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