fs 3 episode 1

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Available Learning Resources
(Enumerate in the bullet form) Characteristics and Unique Capabilities Teaching approaches when the resources is most useful 1. PRINT RESOURCES
Computer Manuals
Books Cope up the latest and specific the information of the news and the hands out must easy to understand. The students mastery their lesson with the inquiry of based of the approaches and it also the research based teaching. 2. AUDIO RESOURCES

It is used in the entertainment if if conducting reports, presentation and or else the discussion. Innovative way of teaching using the wide application of technology. 3. NON-ELECTRONIC VISUAL RESOURCES

White Boards
Black Boards
Board Display
Charts These resources are good also for display purposes, can be kept for a long time. Materials are aesthetic and attractive in learning and teaching process. 4. ICT RESOURCES
Internets Its application gives the students a global way of learning experiences. Files can be kept for a long period. Can be used for a larger and quality presentation of reports and other related paper works. IMPRESSION:

First of all, the teachers should be aware of the wide application of these learning resources most specially the technology to prepare their lessons. Of course, interest and needs are the main factors to be considered on the part of the students in acquiring and gaining knowledge and skills. These learning resources are helpful but its effectiveness depends on its proper application. And they want that every students must be aware of the modern technology. How it is acquiring knowledge about that the technology.
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