Frustration on a Deserted Island

Topics: Civilization, Thought, Psychology Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Frustration on a deserted island

William Golding wrote a book Lord of the Flies that has his thoughts about human nature and his central idea of the theme civilization versus savagery. The book starts with kids that are stranded after a plane crashes and fight for survival. Two characters show their differences in the book known as Ralph and Jack. Golding uses these characters as a foil that will lead to the overall theme, shows how violent people get when there are no rules that control them and he also shows symbols in the book that defines each character.

In the book Ralph and Jack have their differences and similarities. Ralph shows how he wants to rule in a form of civilization that will unify the group as one. But Jack opposes to the way Ralph rules, Jack wants to rule in a savage way of killing pigs to eat meat and have no responsibilities of keeping the fire going to be rescued. But they both have a common enemy known as the beast the beast has caused terror ever since they heard and thought they saw in the mountains. Making them realizes there aren’t alone in the island. Golding uses Ralph and Jack as a foil to show they don’t like their way of how they rule, so their there is a conflict that leads to the overall theme. Ralph tries to lead as a civilization and make a fire for a signal for rescue, but no one likes his idea. Jack rules with fear and savagery in his group, he tells them that he will protect them from the beast and will provide meat by killing the pigs in the island. I believe that Ralph is the better leader because he is using his knowledge on what he has learned back home of civilization.

There are symbols that represent Ralph and Jack on how they act on the island. The symbol that represents Ralph based on his ideas of trying to keep the group unified is the conch. The conch represents Ralph when first used it and everyone gathered up like there were a civilization. A symbol that represents Jack is the beast in the island....
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