Frustration Brought by Chewing Gums

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Chewing gums, one of the best breath fresheners we know. And it has been around since the time of ancient Greece, where people made a chewable substance from the resin of the mastic tree. It relaxes us, right? But just as frustrating when it's no longer sweet — both literally and figuratively.

So, we like chewing gums, simply because it's really soft in comparison with candies. But as the sweetness dissipates in our mouths, so does the inclination to chew even faster(I mean that's why they're called chewing gums, right?) then, becomes stiff and tasteless. This is why I presume, as a last resort, that I should chew slower because I want the sweet taste to last longer.

There are so many drawbacks some of us know concerning this presumably harmless sweet, but I'll skip the deep common medical drawbacks and cite some of — The less mentioned frustrating facts:

Continuous chewing may cause wrinkle on the face. It makes the skin go less elastic therefore facial wrinkles and folds appear around the mouth and lips.

Chewing gums cause annoyance to other people. Especially at school among teachers and students, where there was and still a battle between parties — some teachers banning students from chewing gums while inside classrooms.

It's indigestible, so making a habit of swallowing it, is a risk of intestinal blockage, which potentially can kill you.(unless you're really broke )

The sweetness dissipates due to fast chewing and absorbing, so some lazy people will tend to. . .

Inconsiderate chewers will dispose of their gums whenever and wherever they please. (e.g. sidewalks, under tables, spit out on someone etc....)

As said above, it is commonly stuck underneath benches and tables or to the surface of sidewalks, and is difficult to remove once dried.

It has ingredients like aspartame and other sweeteners that are known carcinogens (cancer inducing factors).

It stays in you're stomach for 7 years! (This is UNTRUE, as it is an 'old wives' tale,

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