Fruits of Labour

Topics: Happiness, Luck, Book of Proverbs Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: September 24, 2010

The necessity of hard and consistent labour is indeed the main root and spring of all that we call progress in individuals and civilization in nations. In every walk of life happiness is a fruit of which labour is the seed. We cannot enjoy the fruit without sowing the seed.

The topic, Mr President Sir, that I am going to speak in favour of today is “Fruits of Labour --- are sweeter ---- than the Gifts of fortune” which is indeed an obvious truth. I am pretty sure that my opponent are going to need a tremendous lot of luck to successfully put up a denial to it. I can only wish them luck!

Mr President Sir, Fortune has often been blamed for its blindness, but fortune is not so blind as men are. Those who look into the practical life will find that fortune is usually on the side of the industrious and perseverant as the winds and the waves are on the side of the best navigators. Success treads on the heels of every right effort, and though it is possible to overestimate success as the gift of God, still in any worthy pursuit, the diligence and painstaking toil are the ones that go the longest and win the most. Success which is acquired by what are called ‘lucky hits’ is seldom dependable; like money earned by gambling, such ‘hits’ only serve to hasten ones downfall and ultimate ruin. Francis Bacon used to say that in every form of business the shortest way was commonly the foulest, and if a man wanted to go the fairest way it would be the longest. Such a journey might take a harder toll and a longer duress, but the pleasure of the labour involved in it and the enjoyment of the results produced will be most genuine and lasting. Therefore, to have something to employ ourselves with and to stimulate the diligent exercise of our inherent talents and energies makes our life feel much sweeter after success.

Mr President Sir, if someone from the other side of the podium was to ask me the secret of my...
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