FruitKies Company: High Quality Baked Goods

Pages: 20 (4759 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Awareness of high quality baked goods is on the rise. A group of people who were good friends during their college days had the idea to engage in this line of business and thus, FruitKies Company was born. It was just a plan before but now it has turned into a real company. FruitKies was established in November 5, 2012 by Gerly R. Gianan which is really devoted in making unique cookies and offering something new. Its main office is located in Paseo de Roxas in Makati City. The company will operate a kiosk located in some of leading malls around Metro Manila. Opening day is scheduled on March 15, 2013. While FruitKies has the potential for high growth, the first three years will be spent on establishing the company, financial stability and increasing market share. Our commitment in the artistry of baking enable us to deliver good quality products that will delight the customers. FruitKies is a rare combination of nutrition and convenience. Our product will possess that certain something that others do not have. It is fruit shaped and fruit flavored cookies; also known for using fresh fruits and fresh ingredients. We want to be the Company that sends joy to the faces of the buyers. That’s why our target market are students and moms. Children have the eye for cute things and catchy products and new to their eyes. Once the kids decided to try some of our cookies, moms won’t likely to ignore the request of their children. The sight of their smiles while eating our products is the true essence of this company. A glimpse of their sweet smiles. Once the Company has established its name and purpose we will start our CSR campaign and extend our products into new varieties. We’ll also expand our distribution to the other provinces and have more kiosks in malls.

FruitKies is owned and operated by a group of people who were good friends since college. It produces fruit shaped and flavored cookies that are well-known in Metro Manila for it has the kiss of fruits which are not usually seen or tasted. It’s also known for using fresh fruits and fresh ingredients. FruitKies was established in November 5, 2012 by Gerly R. Gianan; located in Paseo de Roxas in Makati City. And with the help of her friends and some best pâtisserie they have improved their product quality and became the one of successful cookies company in the Philippines.

These people were group mates during college that belongs to the Marketing Management class. It was their project for the Product Planning and Development subject; since it has a potential to be well-known in the area, they have decided to pursue this project and establish the company after they have graduated.

The collaboration of ideas and talents of these students who has the drive to really produce the product has been a way to make this dream come true. Because of the determination of these students the company was built and the products were made. It has conquered small areas in Metro Manila and started to spread to the city because of its uniqueness. Now they are trying to make new varieties and make a branch in malls.

At FruitKies, we innovated and took a risk in producing this freshly baked cookies and share it to the customers. And make them feel the kiss of fresh fruits while they eat our product.

To be the leading brand offering nutritious, delicious and best tasting cookies in the country. MISSION
To provide premium quality cookies with the customers as our first priority. CORE VALUES
QUALITY. Giving the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction.
COMMITMENT. We pledge to satisfy the wants of our customers and provide them the best products we can impart with them.
PASSION. Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best.
RESPECT. Giving due respect to self and others and maintain the environment of team work and growth.
INNOVATION. To come out with new creative ideas that have the potential...
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