Fruit and Vegetables

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Q.Give your views on the in-store retailing of fruit and vegetables taking into account the high perishability and competitive pricing for F & V, in organised sector retail stores/formats such as Reliance Fresh (Reliance Retail), Food World (Dairy Farm)and More in Indian metro cities?
Storage of fruit and vegetables

The storage of fruits and vegetables in a store is to extend the life. Storage helps in reducing biochemical change in fresh F&V. Cold storage slows down the growth of contaminating micro organisms. After harvest season they can achieve higher sale.
Controlled atmosphere in cold store:
To extend the life of crop cold, stores reduces the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. It slows down spoiling of F & V and also destroys insects. More over different type of crops require different atmospheres for good storage. They need to be independently assessed. In some fruits and vegetables off-flavor or discoloration can occurs, if oxygen concentration is too low. The store has to be fully used, so the cost of maintenance has to be optimized. The cost of setting up a controlled atmosphere store and the cost of monitoring the gas composition are both high. Completion required by different crops, and there may be competition from production areas that have the different harvest season. Cold storages causes little change to quality or nutritional value. Over long time storage, incorrect temperature and damage to crops can significant changes, including browning and weight loss due to evaporation of water from crops. Loss of vitamin C in fruit and vegetables depend on temperature management after harvest. For leafy vegetables losses are also accelerated by bruising and other injuries and by excessive trimming.
Crops for cold storage:
Most crops are likely to contain contaminants, to have parts that are inedible, or to have variable shape or size. To have uniformly high quality for sale in the fresh market sector, it is necessary to

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