Fruit and Pomegranate

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According to Mark Twain, “When one has tasted pomegranates, he knows what the angels eat”. The Pomegranate is a fruit considered to have originated in Iran. It has been cultivated since ancient times, and it is imported to the United States from Spain. In many countries this fruit is consumed as a medicine due to its rich content of vitamin C and vitamin K. However, In my house this fruit is not only purchased and consumed because of It’s benefits, but because of its delightful taste, smell, and texture inside. The pomegranate is a delicious and unique fruit, that has to be eaten appropriately in order to enjoy it.

A word that characterizes pomegranate is unique. The first thing you see when grabbing a pomegranate is an attractive shrub or small tree decorating it at the top. The leaves are evergreen, opposite or in rolls of five or six. When the pomegranate is completely open, you can see the shape of a flower, with every leaf covered with red seeds. It looks like a honeycombed has been cut into slices and the honey in this case are the seeds. Also, pomegranates are wide and characterized by the thick, tubular, red petal having five fleshy, pointed sepals forming a vase from which emerge the three to seven crinkled, red, or white petals enclosing the numerous stamens. Pomegranate has a tough leathery skin and it is basically yellow more or less overlaid, with light or deep pink or rich red. The interior is separated by membranous walls and white spongy tissue into compartments packed with transparent sacs filled with tart, flavorful, fleshy, juicy, red, or pink pulps. In each sac, there is one white or red angular soft seed. When is open you can notice that the seeds is the weight of the whole fruit.

The best way a person can enjoy pomegranate is by eating it by hand. Going through the process of de-seeing it makes it more enjoyable. Eating pomegranates can be very messy, so ones have to know how to eat it appropriately. The first step...
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