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Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Townshend Acts Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: May 3, 2012
In 1763 the colonists faced a series of conflicts with Great Britain. These conflicts resulted in the break between the two. Although Great Britain caused many problems by imposing several restrictive acts on the colonists’ during their fight for independence, it more importantly caused the colonists’ to come together and grow as they started an independence movement.

Great Britain imposed many taxes on the colonists, one being the Sugar Act. The reason the Sugar made the colonists so mad was because it was a tax solely created to raise revenue. The Quartering Acts were put into effect by Great Britain and that stated that colonists must provide for British soldiers, such as housing and feeding them, if necessary. Great Britain also imposed the Stamp Act which taxed stamps, many other documents, and even playing cards. The Townshend Act was an additional tax on glass, paper, and tea. The Tea Act was made because of a failing company in Great Britain, so a monopoly to trade tea in America was formed. Intolerable Acts were created to restrict the colonists’ chance to converse and plan rebellions by limiting town meetings. All of these acts caused many issues with the colonists, and they weren’t going to just sit back and let Great Britain tax them. This caused the colonies to start fighting back.

The colonies first act of independence and rebellion was seen after the Stamp Act was imposed by Great Britain, known as the Stamp Act Congress. The colonies drew up a list of problems that they were having with Great Britain which ultimately brought the colonies closer together. Also, The Sons of Liberty was formed and that was the colonists’ fight back because they took the law into their own hands. In reaction to the Townshend Acts the colonists and Great Britain clashed in Boston (known as the Boston Massacre) and it resulted in the events being used as an example of Great Britain cruelty. The Boston Tea Party began to show the growth of the colonists. Their...
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