Frozen Food Five Force Analysis

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Frozen Food Five Force Analysis
1. Bargaining power of suppliers < Low >
In food business, there are plenty of suppliers who sell raw material such as vegetables, meats, and other ingredients that used in the process of producing frozen foods. Since lots of supplier who sell the same kinds of raw materials, all of these suppliers must compete against each other to get the customers because we have the same target market. They suppliers sell them at the low price because when the frozen food companies purchase the raw materials, they must be in large quantities.

As the reason provide above, the company has the solution to prevent the situation that compete against each other by joining the company together to purchase the raw material. So, we will get the lower price because we purchase large volume than the past.

2. The same type of company join together to purchase the raw material so they get the same price. As this reason the power of the customers for

3. bargaining will be low. Because the suppliers sell the product at the same price.

3. Rivalry < Low >
When mentioning about the frozen food that sells the ready meal to the customers in the USA, it is considered to be less number of Frozen Foods Company. There are not many companies that provide Pat-Thai ready meal to the customers.

4. Substitute products < High >
As the Ok company is in the food industry, there are so many substitute products that can provide the same need to the consumers such as other types of food and will replace the demand for our products. For example, the restaurant, the Canned Fruit beverages that are sold in retail shops for food industry; there are a lot of foods that can substitute the dishes of our frozen foods, which can easily find everywhere.

5. Threats of new entrance < High >
There are some competitors who are willing to operate the same business as Ok company which produce Pad...

4. When it comes to one or two servings of packaged frozen pizzas, you are probably familiar with a few select brands, depending on where you are from in the United States. There are several different companies who occupy the frozen food market and you may be like most that find a brand and stick to a brand. I personally, am the opposite. I like to experiment with different brands of frozen pizza, and even though I have yet to find one that truly meets my needs, there is definitely an obvious level of quality that comes and goes with particular company's brands. So if you are one of those looking to venture out for a new frozen pizza brand but are nervous to stray from the norm without much knowledge about the "new" products, read on as I take three top frozen pizza brands and compare them alongside one another. From one person who appreciates quality pizza (and denounces the crap pizza), here is my opinion, some facts and hopefully, some passive advice. Think now about the brands you may have seen in your local grocery and/or in your local convenience store such as 7-11 or Store 24. We will examine the Ellios frozen pizza, Celeste frozen pizza, and Stouffers French Bread Pizza brands now. 5. -I first must say that before embarking on this journey to learn more about my local frozen pizza brands, I was under the impression that most of this junk, fast food was unanimously held in distaste. However, from reading testimonials and also from judging by the simple fact that the companies are still around I have realized the obvious fact that yes, people's tastes do differ dramatically and not everyone can be expected to recognize purely excellent quality from horribly terrible quality like I do so easily and expertly. And so I write this analysis with as much objective thought as I can possibly muster without trying to taint my reader's precious unique minds. With that… the frozen pizza brands… 6. Now. Surely, you've seen those pizza boxes in your convenience store freezer door that say...
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