Frozen Food Business in Norway

Topics: International trade, World Trade Organization, Free trade, Food, Food preservation / Pages: 7 (1727 words) / Published: Mar 6th, 2013

Individual Market Intelligence Assignment
Sahitya Pendurthi
Centennial College

Professor Sharon Goldthorpe
Global Research and Analysis
Monday February 18th

Company Overview
Mc Cain Food Limited is listed among the top companies in the frozen food business. It 's the world 's largest producer of potato specialties. Mc Cain products are available in over 160 countries around the world including 17 countries in Europe. They sell their products through retail outlets and foodservice operators. Their headquarters is in Ontario, Canada and they have 50 manufacturing facilities around the world 7 of which are located in Europe. This company also produces healthy foods that are low in fat content and salt.
The following are the major products produced by Mc Cain:
French fries Potato specialties (such as wedges, croquettes, spirals, hash browns, mashed, rosti, roasting potatoes) Sweet potato products Frozen-fresh potato products Appetizers Pizza Vegetables and fruits

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