Frozen Delight Business Plan

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Frozen Delight
Business Plan

Business Plan
The purpose of this business plan is to outline the parameters under which the principals will pursue the development, opening and operation of our new business FROZEN DELIGHT in a key location at Miami Dade College- Kendall Campus.

This idea to open a Yogurt Shop was decided upon by Alexander Negrette and Milena Cruz after doing some market research on what type of business will be most successful in South Miami. They are optimistic that such a venture would be very successful in this location because of the combination of the warm climate, relatively low competitive threat and high market demand. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Frozen Delight will develop and operate a licensed yogurt cart at Miami Dade College. It will sell and market a variety of frozen yogurt styles and flavors with natural fruit toppings and artificial flavors and will be served in cups and cones. The yogurt will be purchased from a quality local vendor and the natural toppings will be sourced from various local suppliers to ensure freshness of fruit. The primary customers will be MDC-Students/faculty/administrators and visitors. The cart would be located in front of the Koffee House or Cafeteria- The area population of approximately 2,000 – 3,000 people daily. As far as market research to date has shown although at the campus has some type of ice cream machine there is no frozen yogurt cart located near the location. Hence, FROZEN DELIGHT will be the first of its kind. Revenue from the shop will primarily be from the sale of frozen yogurt in different sizes and other related products that will appeal to the market. FROZEN DELIGHT will also sell a series of hot and cold drinks to augment its primary product line of frozen yogurt. In addition, approximately 2 other persons will be hired to work on a full-time basis at the Shop since the college hours are usually from 9am-7pm (M-R) and 9am-5pm (F), except during major holidays like...
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