Frost Nixon

Topics: Richard Nixon, David Frost, Frost/Nixon Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: August 9, 2013
Kyle Pinckney

The book Frost/Nixon was written by Sir David Frost. The title Frost/Nixon comes from the interviews between David Frost and Richard Nixon about two years after Nixon’s reassignment from the presidency. The book was published in 2007 by Harper Collins Publishers, and later made into a movie in 2008 by the same publication company.

Frost/Nixon written by Sir David Frost is a complete review of the time before and after the interviews between Sir David Frost and Richard Nixon. The interviews were the first time that Nixon had publically talked about the scandals surrounding his presidency since his reassignment. Frost/Nixon is a political documentary about the feelings, emotions, and aftermath of the Frost and Nixon interviews. The intended audience is the adults and individuals that were/are interested in Nixon and the scandals surrounding his famous presidency.

Frost/Nixon takes place during Nixon’s reassignment from presidency and roughly two years after. Sir David Frost hears about Nixon reassignment and over the next two years he pursues an interview with President Richard Nixon. He obtains the interview and prepares for it vigorously but also has to fundraise over 600,000 dollars in order to pay for the interview alone, not including the media coverage and all the other supplies. Nixon and his team create a legal agreement that states the regulations of the interview and the allowed time to talk about each subject, which is repeatedly broken through out the interview. The breaches in contract lead to the final confession from Nixon. You are taken on a journey through Sir David Frost’s pursuit and extraordinary story of his emotional, controversial, and cutthroat interviews with Richard Nixon. The beginning starts out with the reassignment of Richard Nixon from his presidency and the feelings and opinions of the public in the aftermath of Nixon’s reassignment. Sir David Frost, a British television...
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