Frost at Midnight

Topics: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Romanticism, William Wordsworth Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: April 12, 2013

The poem Frost at midnight is written in blank verse. The lines follow the lambic pentameter it is a Romantic verse monologue .It is believed that the speaker of the poem. Frost at Midnight is Coleridge himself. This is a great poem which gives a very personal restatement of the themes of the early English Romanticism. Nature was the predominant theme of most of the poem .Written by the poet during that era, however there is a great difference between the theme of nature handled By Coleridge and his peers. He believed that nature is full of joy and happiness and we should not color or discolor is with our emotion.

The poem begins on a frosty windless night. The frost has started to perform its secret ministry’s two piercing cries of an owlet shattered the prevailing silence. The speaker is sitting alone with a sleeping child in a cradle beside him. The absolute silence is highly distracting for the speaker. He feels that sea, hills, wood, and the populous village seem almost as a dream. The thin blue flame of the fire burns without flickering. Only the film on the grate flutter which makes it seen companionable to the speaker and his stirred his idle spirit.

The speaker looks at the sleeping child in the cradle and addresses the child, the child’s breath fill the silence in the speaker’s thought and he declares that it makes him very happy to look at his beautiful child.. See ( Line one) The speaker declares his love for nature but he is happy for his child. The speaker was raised in the great city but he is happy that his child will wander in the beautiful rural countryside. He remember his lonely childhood , and daydream of the church whose bells rang so sweetly on fair day, and the images he look upon on the bars of the school window. See line 4-10. See also Sanders 2004. P.368. This poem, also highlights a key differences between Coleridge and his fellow romanticism specifically Wordsworth who was brought...

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