Frooti Marketing Plan

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Marketing Management Project Report
September 2014

Title Page No.
Executive Summary 3
History 4
Parle Agro Brands 4
Innovation at Parle Agro 6
Marketing for Frooti 7
Porters 5 force analysis 9
Frooti Aam Panna 11
Frooti Sugarfree 14
Financial Analysis 18
Sources of Information 18
Executive Summary
Frooti is India's legendary and iconic mango drink. It is the largest-selling mango flavored drink in India. It was launched in 1985 and it came in as a really contemporary and youthful mango drink. It is the flagship product of and the most successful drink offered by Parle Agro India Pvt. India and Parle Agro Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal. Frooti was launched in 1985 in TetraPak packages. Parle has been known for its innovations in its products some of which are Appy and Hippo. It was the first Indian brand that used Tetra Pak technology of hygiene and durability to package its beverages. In order to promote Frooti is offered in size variants: 1 litre (35 imp fl oz; 34 US fl oz), 250 ml (9 imp fl oz; 8 US fl oz) and 200 ml (7 imp fl oz; 7 US fl oz) Tetra Pak. In its first decade of launch Frooti was positioned as a drink for kids and then it was repositioned for the diverse age groups including teenagers, college going students and adults. This project is an effort to come out of monotonous brand association of Frooti with sweet mango juice drink and introducing a new spicy flavor to Frooti which ultimately contributes in increasing the depth of product mix. The product can be uniquely positioned as a healthy alternative mango drink and make its presence felt in the previously untapped market of consumers seeking sweet yet healthy fruit drinks.

In this report we have recommended Frooti to expand its market by launching two new Product Mixes namely: Frooti Aam Panna and Frooti Sugarfree. Frooti Aam Panna is a spicy raw mango juice drink which none of the major market leaders have tapped yet. It is a very popular mango drink in the northern states of India, so there is not much effort required to develop the taste for the drink. Besides, it offers medicinal values like increasing resistance and preventing indigestion. Frooti Sugarfree is another product which caters to the health conscious and diabetic consumers who seek to drink sweet drinks. Diabetes affects more than 62 million Indians, which is more than 7.1% of India's Adult Population. This increases the scope for the development of this segment. There are no competitors in sugarfree mango drinks market in India which will also give Frooti a first mover’s advantage. 1. History

Parle Products was founded in 1929 in British India. It was owned by the Chauhan family of Vile Parle, Mumbai. The Parle brand became well known in India following the success of products such as the Parle-G biscuits and ThumsUp soft drink. The original Parle Company was split into three separate companies owned by the different factions of the original Chauhan family. Parle Products, led by Vijay, Sharad and Anup Chauhan (owner of the brands Parle-G, Melody, Mango Bite, Poppins, Kismi Toffee Bar, Monaco and KrackJack) Parle Agro, led by Prakash Chauhan and his daughters Schauna, Alisha and Nadia (owner of the brands such as Frooti and Appy) Parle Bisleri, led by Ramesh Chauhan

All three companies continue to use the family trademark name "Parle". Parle Agro
Parle Agro commenced operations in 1984. It started with beverages, and later diversified into bottled water (1993), plastic packaging (1996) and confectionary (2007). Frooti, the first product rolled out of Parle Agro in 1985, became the largest selling mango drink in India. Separation from the parent company

The original Parle group was amicably segregated into three non-competing businesses. But a dispute over the use of "Parle" brand arose, when Parle Agro diversified into the confectionary business, thus becoming a competitor to Parle Products. In February 2008, Parle Products sued Parle Agro for using...
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