Frontline the Siege and We Aint Got Dames Analysis

Topics: A Current Affair, Truth, Audience Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: July 11, 2007
The Siege focuses on a gunman holding his children hostage over a custody battle. Panic sets in when the Frontline team learns of the siege and the entire team's priority becomes this news story. Emma, the able journalist finds the phone number of the farmhouse and ties up the phone line, Marty is attempting to sensationalise the rather "dull" footage, and Mike is running late wanting to know whether he can pick up Macdonalds on the way to work.

Mikes unawareness of the importance of the situation and its danger is exaggerated to inform the viewer that often there is a lack of professionalism within Current affairs programs, as the presenter, Mike, is merely a voice to the program.

This lack of professionalism is often concealed by an impression of intellectual authority. This falsehood is created by simple techniques cleverly framed on camera. "We have got a psychology student…well he is mature aged and has got a beard" says Kate, Brian replies-"Ok, well slap him in front of a bookcase". In this case the bookcase is used to create an image of a knowledgeable and credible expert; generally the bookcase background is associated with interviews with people such as professors, doctors and politicians.

The team is willing to go to any lengths to manipulate the truth to achieve the most sensational story. Martin crouches in front of the house to create a fake impression of danger "Crouching, because it makes me look like I'm in danger", his cameraman replies with "Mate the gunman is 5km away". Martin replies with "Shut up its dark, no ones going to know" clearly shows the manipulation of truth to create a more interesting story. When Mike concludes his live feed from Martin he finishes with "Martin Di Stazio, Live from the line of fire" a term generally associated with soldiers under attack in war, thereby creating a false, and totally fabricated context.

The questioning of morality of Frontline's activities by a radio interviewer and the Police...
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