Topics: Change, Person, Individual Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Fronting in Society
Fronting in society has become an epidemic in recent years. Some people think that they have to act like someone or something they are not to fit in. Some people just can’t be themselves in public places for fear that they will be judged. Some can get away with fronting in front of others but some get caught and have to face consequences.

What is “fronting”? Fronting is when a person changes the way they act, speak, or dress to appeal to a certain group of people. When a person fronts all the time they find it hard to turn off that “fake” side when they are around people who know them for their true selves. People front because they feel as if they need to fit in and conform to society and what everyone else is doing. People would rather act, speak, and dress like everyone else instead of being a standout individual. Acting like something or someone that you are not can have negative effects on the way others perceive you. Fronting is extremely evident in college. People come to school one way and then they see how the more “popular” people are acting/dressed so they change themselves to try to mirror them. Some of those people change themselves so much that they are almost unrecognizable by those who knew them previously before they came to school. In my own personal experience of those who front, there was a guy who I knew from my church back in Houston. When we first got to college he was still the same guy that I grew up with but as time went on I noticed that he changed the way he dressed and the way he spoke. It was truly a shock for me because he was always respectful and reserved, but now he does things for attention and he curses like I have never heard before. I asked him about these changes one day and he told me that he has always been this way, which I knew was a lie. The real reason was that the new friends that he meet out here were rude and disrespectful. So he assumed that he had to put on a front so he could fit in...
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