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I. You are a receptionist at the Turner hotel

1. Explain why good salesmanship is important when you carrying out your duties

It is an art of influencing people, persuading them to purchase the product. The success of business now depends as to how well the goods are sold in the market. Salesmanship can be defined as the art of personal persuasion employed to induce others to buy. In other words, according to Prof. Whitehead, "Salesmanship is the art of so presenting an offer that the prospects appreciate the need for it and a mutually satisfactory sale follows." Good salesmanship involves honesty, concern for the customer first, a friendly personality, ambition and self-motivation as well as self-discipline. Above all, a positive, optimistic attitude will bring forth not only alot of money, but happiness and freedom only few people will ever enjoy. Selling is one of the most important marketing activities in most organizations. The scope for selling has increase substantially during the past few decades due to growth in the trade and industry. Persuasive selling Selling is one of the most important marketing activities in most organizations. The scope for selling has increase substantially during the past few decades due to growth in the trade and industry. Persuasive selling skills are being used not only by organizations whose objective is to earn profit but also by non-profit 2. Explain, with examples what selling techniques you might use when checking in a guest

1. Identifying customers and their needs
2. Marketing sales presentation and organizing demonstration 3. Computer basics and needs and used in selling techniques
4. product knowledge

You should approach confidently and great the
customer with a great big smile, and if you are too busy with other duties inform them that you will return in a moment.

While the customers are considering the options it is good time to suggest them some other promotions (never try to force or embarrass a customer into accepting something which they do not want. Know your facilities, hotel services be familiar with the hotel and learn how long it takes to finish tasks, If the customer asks you questions about the menu and you answer confidently and correctly,

they will have confident in you and respect your knowledge
What the benefit of giving recommendation to the customers ? 1. Timing (efficient)
2.Selling high profit / quality items.
3.The guest know the promotion Package.
4.You look more Professional.
5.Guest satisfaction.

Often after asking a lot of questions I was able to guess what they want and need. The more accurately I guessed the more successful I was in selling to them. 1) cross selling – people tend to buy other stuff that they didn't think of buying, but bought nevertheless just because the counter staff suggested to you. - Book returns at check-in and check-out. Train guest service agents to ask about return reservations at check‐in. For example, it is normal for clerks to maintain a friendly conversation with guests during the check‐in process. Use these conversations to discover opportunities for advance bookings: "Would you like to reserve a room now for your return trip home?"

A real example lies in the pricing policy of a serviced apartment in Shanghai (the one known to hold monthly Power Breakfast Hour sessions). Instead of reducing the prices for the bigger and better suites, they increase the prices of the smaller (and less attractive) standard rooms such that the price difference between the 2 types of rooms is still about EUR10 - 15. Needles to say, the strategy works. It is one of the few cases outside of the F&B industry where the more expensive products consistently sold much faster than the...

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