From: W.S.” by L.P. Hartley

Topics: Sentence, Psychology, Narrative Pages: 1 (577 words) Published: March 2, 2015
The text I’m going to analyze is “The lumber-room” by Hector Munro. He is a British novelist, and is best known for his short stories. The personality of the author and his life experience influenced the subject of his words and the way it’s treated. Being a child, he was brought up by his relatives, one of them - the aunt Augusta, whom he considered the last person to be in charge of children. Thus, the character of the aunt in “The lumber- room” is Aunt Augusta to the life. In this text the author ridicules the stern and too conventional methods of bringing up children. The main conflict of the book is man against man, or if to concretize , children against adults. The extract focuses mainly on the theme of relations between generations. The text could be divided into 5 logical parts ( Nicolas’s breakfast and the frog in it, his punishment, going to the lumber-room, his aunt slipping into the rain- water tank, evening tea). The point of view from which the story is written is on behalf of the author. The author gives us description of the characters, of their inner world and some of their features( for instance, he describes the aunt as “a woman of few ideas with immense power of concentration”). A narration is dynamic. A dialogue between the aunt and Nicolas sound natural and typical. The speech of the main characters to some extend reveals their psychological make-up. The conversation plays an important part in the story because the manner in which each person speaks suggests his state of mind. In the text we see no open evaluations given by the author, but we are quick to understand that his affections and concerns are with his characters. The author expresses his attitude with the help of ironic drawing of the characters. So, the general tone of the extract is sarcastic and humorous. The author resorts to a number of expressive means and stylistic devices . As for the syntax, he uses lots of compound sentences with subordinate clauses(...
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